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Comprehensive care with expertise in dental implants

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Comprehensive care with expertise in dental implants

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Ceramic Dental Implants

Best choice for value and better than your natural teeth

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Completely rebuild injured or missing teeth to restore your smile

Teeth-in-an-Hour and Teeth-in-a-Day

Amazing laser technology for a perfect fit in one appointment

Sedation and Twilight Dentistry

Choices to reduce discomfort during and after dental work

Family Dentistry

Growing up with healthy and strong teeth

Porcelain Veneers

Natural looking and affordable way to a great smile


We work closely with you to ensure they fit properly

Crowns & Bridges

Effective and affordable solutions for missing or damaged teeth

Aesthetic & Implant Dental Arts

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Experience The Precision Of Robotic Implant Surgery

A breakthrough in computer aided dental surgery, Navident offers the dental surgeon an easy to use, accurate, portable and affordable way to place desired restorations, implants, canals access or jaw surgeries on a virtual patient and execute that plan on the real patient.

About Us

We make your teeth look better and function better. You’ll enjoy the teeth you’ve always dreamed of: strong, white and straight. We correct problems you thought you had to just tolerate—stains, chips and cracks, uncomfortable dentures, receding jaw, bite problems, teeth grinding and painful gums. And quickly, with the minimal discomfort of our sedation dentistry during and after any procedure. If you’ve been hesitating, wait no more. You can even get TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR! Dr. Joseph Maniscalco is an award-winning prosthodontist at the forefront of modern dentistry. Honored by the Veterans Administration with a Purple Heart for “exemplary care,” Dr. Maniscalco is a renowned expert in ceramic dental implants, full mouth reconstruction and bone grafting. He teaches at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and lectures on implant dentistry at national conferences. Additionally, “Dr. Joe” offers comprehensive dentistry for the whole family.

Meet Dr. Joseph Maniscalco
Prosthodontist of Modern Dentistry

Dr. Maniscalco is dedicated to his patients:
  • We’ll work with your insurance or your budget to give you the best value to get to your goals.
  • For dental emergencies call 718-745-0179, where you will get a prompt callback.
  • For an appointment, call 718-745-0179, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.


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