Effective methods to help you avoid the need for medication
The symptoms are painful. Headaches, migraines, facial muscle pain, ringing in the ears, ear pressure, difficulty opening and closing the mouth and clicking joints are some possible symptoms. The condition is very treatable, however, with several available options.

Temporal mandibular jaw dysfunction (TMJ), also known as temporal mandibular dysfunction (TMD), may affect women more frequently because their ligaments are more limber, making it easier for bone to be displaced.

Severe TMD can require medications, but our practice prefers to avoid this if possible with simple and effective methods:

  • At Home Exercises — a combination of moist heat to the side of the face and massages will usually resolve many of the acute pain you may have.
  • Occlusal Bite Splint Therapy — for people who suffer from clenching or grinding. A thin, custom plastic guard serves as a protective device for your teeth and a splint that helps keep the joint protected and stable.
  • Acupuncture — has been proven to be effective. Dr. Joe Maniscalco works with a licensed acupuncturist to resolve these problems without medication or splint therapy.