3D Imaging For Shorter Recovery

3D Imaging Cuts Time from Three Months to as Little as a Day

Vatech scans make surgery less invasive
A woman who needed a front tooth implant was told by another dentist she didn’t need a scan and he’d go in and “poke around.” When she went to Dr. Maniscalco for a second opinion, he used a 3D scan to discover she had a unique and difficult bone structure issue that he was able to deal with quickly and painlessly.

Dr. Joseph Maniscalco’s revolutionary Pax-i3D imaging system from Vatech is making dental implant surgery easier for patients. With this new technology, implant procedures are now minimally invasive with less pain, bruising and swelling and sometimes, with implants completed the same day and no recovery period.

The 3D system enables Dr. Maniscalco to see detailed visuals of a patient’s dental structure before he begins implant surgery. Previously, dentists would have to open up the gums during surgery before they could ascertain what steps were needed. This approach could be painful, and carries the risk of bone resorption, which often led to a three-month waiting period while the graft healed, with the patient having to live with a gap during that time.

Using 3D technology before the actual surgery, Dr. Maniscalco obtains a clear image of how the bone is situated, thus allowing him to plan ahead before anything invasive is involved. Then, during the surgery, with additional scans taking only seconds (with minimal radiation), he can visually, and safely, monitor problem areas. The surgery proceeds quickly and discomfort is minimized.

Worried about radiation? You don’t need to because the Pax- i3D scan has the lowest dose of radiation in the U.S. You will get no more radiation than you would by working in your yard for three days. The 5.9-second rapid scan allows Dr. Maniscalco to safely take scans before, during, and after a procedure if needed. Other imaging machines have much higher radiation and dentists could use them for a one-time only scan during the procedure.

The 3D machine has a low dose setting and an ultra low dose setting. Dr. Maniscalco can use the lowest setting and still get superb images that are clear enough for diagnosis.


  • Minimally invasive
  • Less pain, bruising or swelling
  • Dentist able to see area images before surgery
  • Dentist can visually monitor area during surgery
  • Safe and highly accurate
  • Three-month recovery period eliminated in some cases
  • Superior image quality
  • Scan and report available to you for other medical procedures
  • Ultra low dose X-ray technology
  • 5.9-second rapid scan time

Although the 3D imaging machine is used primarily for implants and root canal diagnostics, Dr. Maniscalco offers an important additional service at no additional cost: Patients with sleep apnea or sinus issues will be scanned and given a flash drive that can be taken to their primary care doctor.

The 3D imaging is not covered by insurance at this time. Out-of-pocket expense is reasonably priced at $379. This includes a radiologist’s report.

If you have any questions about 3D imaging, call today for a 10-minute complimentary consult with Dr. Maniscalco, 718-745-0179.