Dental Implants You Will Love

Why get ceramic dental implants?

Dental implants are an excellent way to:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Make bridges, partials and even full mouth dentures unnecessary
  • Gain a beautiful smile!

Ceramic dental implants have revolutionized dentistry. You will love your new teeth!

Why you should consider ceramic implants your best choice:

  • Improved comfort
  • Stronger dental and overall health
  • Nicer smile
  • Easier eating
  • Improved speech
  • Heightened self-esteem
  • Permanence
  • Convenience

Worried about the cost? Dollar for dollar, ceramic dental implants are the best value of any medical or dental procedure.

Typically, when a body part is injured or fails, the repair or replacement falls short of the original. Ceramic dental implants are actually stronger and less prone to problems than your own teeth. And, we offer many options to make dental implants more affordable if cost is a concern.

You may have heard horror stories about bad implant jobs. With an advanced procedure, results will vary depending upon the skill and experience of the practitioner. In our office, most dental implant patients have little or no discomfort. More than 98 percent of patients at our office, when surveyed, said they’d do it again.

Whether putting in new ceramic implants or replacing failing ones, most of our patients are thrilled with their new implants. Typical comments our office receives are that the ceramic dental implants look authentic and feel like the patient’s own teeth.

Once you decide to go with dental implants, you have a few decisions to make, that we patiently help you through. Dr. Joseph Maniscalco offers two dental implant options: Traditional metal implants and the newer solution: CeraRoot Zirconium Oxide implants.

Dr. M. provides the latest techniques and technologies as options to improve the entire process:

  • PRGF Endoret Technology/ PRF Healing technologies
  • Pax i3D Green Cone Beam CT Imaging System
  • CeraRoot Zirconium Oxide Implants

Bone grafting

To secure dental implants when there is insufficient jaw bone remaining, a bone graft is transplanted to your jaw. After the transplanted bone has grown enough new bone, the implant is placed. This is known as osseointegration.

If you have naturally high jaw bone density, you may not need bone grafting and you are a good candidate for Teeth-in-an-Hour. This will be determined during the initial visit.

When Existing Dental Implants Fail

When considering a dental team to perform your implant therapy, choose carefully. Does your dental implant team know what to do when an implant fails or starts failing? Will you need to go to a specialist, such as our practice? Why not improve your prospects by going to the experts first?

With technological and scientific advances in ceramic implant dentistry, our practice has a very high success rate: Integration with the body works in 97- 98 percent of cases.

Once implants integrate with the bone, we hope they realize their potential of lasting a lifetime, but complications occur in rare cases. Infections and/or inflammation around the implants, due to either a patient’s history of periodontal disease, or poor oral hygiene, or, as mentioned above, poor initial placement or restoration, can cause problems.

Failed dental implants can result from bone loss in the jaw. “Peri-Implantitis” is caused by an inflammatory condition of the soft tissues surrounding the implant, resulting in extensive bone loss. Treatment protocols for peri-implantitis include cleaning the infected surface, or in some cases removing and replacing the implant. This is not an easy solution but it is effective and long term.

In cases where the existing implants are failing, whether our team has placed them, or another dentist, Dr Maniscalco has the precise expertise to address the problem.

If you have any questions about replacing current dental implants, call today for a 10-minute complimentary consult with Dr. Maniscalco, 718-745-0179.