In a Hurry to Get Your Implants?

TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR™ or Teeth In A Day®

If your time is short, the Tesla of dental implant procedures is available. The typical dental implant process can take months and requires multiple visits.

But fast forward to the latest technology: Imagine getting dental implants in one sitting! Implants and teeth can now be fitted in one go, without delays between stages. The skillful application of technology changes the entire experience.

The technology is called “immediate loading”. High-resolution laser images of your bone structure are taken in 3D (CT), creating high precision data on placement of the implant. The lab creates your bridge, and when you return for your new teeth, the perfectly fitted teeth are secured in your mouth with only local anesthesia. The process can be accomplished with single or multiple teeth, and requires almost no healing time.

It’s safe, highly accurate and painless. You receive fully functional new teeth in one appointment.

If you have any questions about this process, call today for a 10-minute complimentary consult with Dr. Maniscalco, 718-745-0179.